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Mother Nature’s remedies for


Full Spectrum Synergy offers longer lasting duration, higher bio-availability and stronger effects.

While other CBD companies put the focus solely on hemp, we place our focus on how we can interface with a person’s mind, body, and soul, utilizing full spectrum CBD, High-Grade Botanical Extracts, and the magic synergy found between the two. We craft our products with a holistic mind set in an attempt to provide alternative treatment for common ailments and maladies which adversely impact our lives, such as systemic inflammation, oxidation, fatigue, and anxiety. You can find the full research as back up from our CBD Study on this link and also on our Essential Oil and Hemp Blogs and Forums.

Our mission is to help each and every being live a Blissful Life!

We strives to assist each Being to fully experience a Bliss-filled life by offering Mother Earth’s abundance of Natural Medicines. We believe optimal health is a natural birthright. When One is Healthy, One is Happy. Ananda, after all, means Bliss, and it is by intention as much as it is our wish and purpose to assist. We will continue to acquire the plants for you, and let Nature do the rest.

Every Ananda product is 100% pure and contains no fillers, additives, preservatives, or pesticides. We view our oils and extracts as perfect gifts from nature to you.

Therapeutic grade

Every product are designed for both professional and home use. They are pure, concentrated and potent to ensure safety and efficacy.

Direct to consumer

We sell directly to our customers for maximum affordability. We guarantee potency and freshness.

Support and training

Our team is here for you through every step of your wellness journey. We’ve created training guides, videos, and tutorials about how to use our products to enhance your life. And it’s all available in our Blog and Forum.

Artisan Distillation

We work directly with artisans from around the world to source each and every essential oil. Our organic CBD is sourced locally in Colorado. The essence of each plant is carefully drawn out and sustained through distillation.

The Ananda Apothecary
Established in Boulder, Colorado, 2004

Boulder is special. It is the birthplace of countless organic companies and products, a leader in Eco-consciousness, a example in the Hemp world and a widespread community of nature lovers. This is why we call it home.

A new Adventure is taking place!

Original founder Eric Cech’s loving partner, Anita Sananda, is now the new wings of Ananda. As devoted to the plants as Eric, she continues the sole mission, with strength, resilience and unconditional Love. She brings forth a dedication toward synchronizing the brightest minds in the botanical world to create an harmonious Apothecary supporting the healing of our customers, the Earth and connecting the cultures of the World who still live in harmony with it and learn from them. More, she is mindfully choosing partnerships and affiliations sharing the same standards and mission to offer the finest products. Anita and the Ananda Team will once again meet all their distillers to sustain good relationships and manifest new partnerships to ensure the integrity and quality of the plants from seed to shelf.

Anita Sananda

Owner of Ananda Apothecary

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