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Why Us?


Working with plant medicines since 2004, Ananda Apothecary thrives on our love and commitment to the industry. We have and continue to stay dedicated to our mission to provide the highest quality plant medicines at the lowest possible cost in order to keep plant medicines affordable and accessible to all.

As a leader of the Essential Oil industry for the past 16 years ( sourcing only Sustainable, Organic and Wild-Crafted Essential Oils, we are grateful for the opportunity to offer another amazing plant medicine – Cannabidiol (CBD). We have extensively researched the synergetic relationship between Essential Oils and CBD, and have mindfully formulated a number of blends that utilize this unique relationship between the terpenes found in Essential Oils and CBD.

We source our High-CBD Full-Spectrum flower extractions from a truly amazing(!!!) farm that is local to Ananda Apothecary in Boulder County utilizing Biodynamic Agriculture and Regenerative Farming practices.

We are so excited and incredibly honored to be able to offer their extractions in our products. They cultivate hemp using truly sustainable, organic and regenerative farming practices. Their cultivation model directly protects, restores and preserves ecosystems.

Never treated with pesticides or herbicides, industrial chemicals or GMOs. For plant nutrition and soil health, only organic compost and fertilizers are used. They are committed to preserving and protecting ecosystems allowing native flora species to grow, providing natural habitats for a variety of fauna. 

Photo courtesy of our suppliers in Boulder County, CO

Our partners are truly walking the regenerative talk, utilizing the same living system frameworks to build operations that drive the most innovative companies and greenest land-use projects. 

From the source: 

The importance of creating sustainable agriculture cannot be understated in an era of severe ecological loss and adverse impacts on human communities. Greatly contributing to healing our planet in three primary ways:

  1. Bioremediation – the use of hemp cultivation to heal the soil, clean and remove toxins
  2. Carbon sequestration – Sudan grass has been significantly proven to absorb more CO2 than most other commercial crops
  3. Finally, hemp represents a major alternative to plastics due to its varied uses

We utilize biodynamic agriculture to achieve a triple bottom line, which means we produce multiple forms of value that go beyond the financial bottom line alone.

  • Financial benefit for our community (investors, farmers, and our employees)
  • Social change value, which includes supporting social justice initiatives
  • Ecological benefit via direct support and participation in environmental campaign”.